Child Development and Educational Studies Department 
Lab School

Oak Tree
The Lab School is the demonstration site for the  Child Development and Educational Studies Department early childhood education program. 
Community preschool children and college students along with faculty and teaching staff come together to create specialized early childhood learning experiences.

Children are enrolled in a full day program and attend various days of the week. 
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F U L L E R T O N    C O L L E G E
   North Orange County Community College District

For a tour of the school, information on registration and tuition please contact:
Jennifer Pearson at 714 992-7069,  email  OR

Dr. Tom Chiaromonte at 714- 992-7070, email

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Fullerton College is a part of the North Orange County Community College District
The Board of Trustees are:
Molly McClanahan, President
Leonard Latinen
Michael Matsuda
Jeffrey P. Brown
Donna Miller
M. Tony Ontiveros
Barbara Dunsheath

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